Every Wednesday I will be posting Wonder Crush Wednesday which will be dedicated to non-cis het white males. These posts will be for my amazing ladies, my amazing poc, my amazing lgbtqai+ community, my amazing authors/characters/other that were not born with the same privilege white men were…


Hosted by the amazing Aimal Farooq, I bring to you Diversity December Bingo!

Just a little quick story; I haven’t known Aimal for that long or that well but she is the reason I finally started this blog. I’ve always wanted to but most book blogs I’ve read are written by serious adults that only read historical fiction… So I never thought there would exist a demographic for YA book blogs. But there is and I’m so happy!

Back to Bingo! This month I plan to gather all the reading material for next month.

Following is a list of reading-ideas that you can pick up:

  1. Ms Marvel’s Kamala Khan is an amazing new comic by the Marvel Universe and would help you cross off: PoC Superheroes, Muslim main character, Asian main character, and PoC on book covers.kamala-khan
  2. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo offers a variety of characters, I won’t say much since I have a bookreview coming for the series sometime next week. But here we have: Non-western cultural fantasy, and Interracial M/M. 

    Inej Ghafa by Xla-hainex on tumblr
  3. The Curious Incident Of the Dog In the Night-time by Mark Haddon is about Christopher, a kid on the autism spectrum, inspecting the murder of his neighbour’s dog. It is one of my favourite school reads that ticks off: Mental Health Awareness and Neurodiversity.
  4. George by Alex Gino is one of the most talked about books in my circle of friends. The story centres around transgender girl George that wants to play Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web, but is denied due to being perceived to be a boy. Trans main character, and Own voices.
  5. tumblr_ntn76jtkiv1sgjum7o1_540Radio Silence by Alice Osmen is about Frances, a study machine, and Aled, a podcaster, finding themselves in their journey through life. Don’t know much about it but I have gathered that it ticks the box for: Demisexual main character.
  6. A Little Life by Hanya Yanigahara is one of my favourite books of all time! And it includes such rich and diverse characters. Asexual (ethnicity not specified) Jude, Black Henry Young, Asian Henry Young, Haitian JB, Scandinavian Willem, and biracial and bisexual Malcolm. Mental Health Awareness, Interracial M/M, Asexual main character, Disabled main character, and Chronic pain sufferers.

Hope these ideas will help you pick up more diverse books in the future!


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