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Do you also want to start reading this amazing new reboot of Spider-Man? *spoiler spoiler* After realising how painfully white and het the Marvel Universe is, Peter Parker is killed off and the responsibility of keeping NYC safe in a spidey-suite is passed to Miles Morales.

  1. You should start by reading the Dying Wish. [SFBok] [Amazon] [Book Depository]
  2. Then go on to Ultimate Comics: Fallout #4 [Amazon] [
  3. If you don’t start there you can read Ultimate Comics: New Spider-Man Vol 1: Who is Miles Morales? that includes the prequel of what happened to Peter Parker and how Miles Morales came to be the new Spider-Man. [SFBok] [Amazon] [Book Depository]
  4. Then you continue on with Vol 2, 3, 4, and 5 which collects issues #1-28
  5. After that you can read Spider-Men which is a 5 issue miniseries with both Peter Parker and Miles morales! [SFBok] [Amazon] [Book Depository]
  6. People say you should read Spider-Man 200 but I have not found a printed copy of this nor anything online…
  7. After that it continues with Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man that currently has 12 volumes out [SFBok] [Amazon] [Book Depository]

I have been obsessed with Miles Morales and his adorable sidekick Ganke! You know… diversity is so important and especially in America where young black men are constantly being criminalised. This is so important for our society, and for the victims that have lost their lives due to race and gender. This is not just a black Spider-Man, this is normalising non-white people in our narrative. This is normalising PoC to enter roles that are usually reserved for white people.

This deserves a million stars but I’m waiting with 5 stars until I get to the end of Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man. I started with the aforementioned and read 2 Volume. Then I realised I wanted to go back to his origin story and work my way forward. So I’m two issues away from finishing the Ultimate Comics!



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