As the wise and philosophical Niall Horan once said “Today has been a busy week.” I have never understood that quote more than these past few weeks.

There are so many things going on right now and my schedule is packed from 8am to 6.30pm without a break. Every. Damn. Day. This has consequently led to me losing weight, and muscle weight, which I don’t want at all. (I’m pudgy but I am content… this is not a healthy way to lose weight!!) Then I spend my entire night studying for the upcoming days rotations and classes.

I’m also moving back to my country and continuing my education there. For that to happen I have to finish all my finals by January 16th, which I will. But classes at my new uni start January 23rd. That will leave me with NO break this entire year…

I have one week off for Christmas and I am working 10 hour night shifts at the ER the entire time. During that period I also have to read for my morphology final… I can feel the hair follicles on my head popping out because my brain is throbbing with pain. There’s also that possibility that I might be homeless for a while because I don’t have time to look for an apartment. And after two and a half years living in a foreign country in cramped spaces, I don’t have the energy to live in a dorm room.

There’s no reason for this post except to confess that I might not finish the #DiversityDecBingo due to being in the worst reading slump I have ever been in… How do I make myself read when I don’t have the time? Or the will? Reading is fun, I refuse to have it otherwise.


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