Every Wednesday I will be posting a Wonder Crush Wednesday topic which will be dedicated to shed light on diversity, inclusion, and positive representation in literature.

A week has passed since the beginning of the month of December and the #DiversityDecemberBingo

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My reading has been going okay thus far, but I haven’t been falling in love with my choices as much as I wanted to.

I started out with When The Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore that is about Samir, a transgender Pakistani boy that is kind of in denial about his identity. It is also about Miel, a strange girl that has flowers growing out of her wrist, but the magic behind it puts Samir’s secret in jeopardy. The plot is quite interesting but the writing style is just.. too much! Reading is supposed to be easy and fun but this book tries too damn hard, it’s like enjoying a wine so much you finish the whole bottle but end up with a dry and bad taste in your mouth. I loved the language at the start, it was all flowery and there are such beautiful metaphors and symbolism. But it completely takes away from the important plot and characters. It is of my opinion that such language should be reserved for short stories… I’m so sad because I might not finish it, even though I’m fighting myself to finish it!

In the middle of all of this I also picked up Teaching My Mother To Give Birth by Warsan Shire, another diverse and interesting piece of writing. It is a collection of poems by the 24-year old London based poet, Warsan Shire. Everyone I know raves about it and loves it but it fell incredibly flat for me. I didn’t enjoy the explicit scenarios. As I said in my Goodreads review;

A good debut. Too much “you did” “my mother” for my taste… I appreciate that everyone is sexual but when she writes it as “your mother” “your grandparents” it becomes a bit too much, for me. But, I will say, each poem told such a fascinating story that could be a whole book on its own! She manages to convey a lot with a single line. Hope to see more development from this poet!

I’ve only read one issue of Spider-Men but I’m saving it for when I absolutely lose hope in When The Moon Was Ours…

For more of what I’ve read this year you can follow me on Twitter, Goodreads, and Tumblr. Make sure to check out this twitter thread of books I have read this year in gifs.

Thank you to Aimal for the amazing header!


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