Happy New Year all!!! Incredibly excited, as I guess you also are, that 2016 is over… This year has truly been a year for realisation of how shitty the world really is.


Hopefully, we can learn from our mistakes and move forward in the next year. And, I would very much like to learn from my reading mistakes this year.

So my 2017 New Year Bookish Resolutions are (or, things I’ve realised in 2016 that I don’t want to repeat):

First, I have vowed to never read an unfinished series. I just have too many things on my mind and I always forget important details and it’s incredibly frustrating to read a book and having to figure out the details again. So, I’m only reading finished series this year or series with final books coming out this year. With the exception of ASOIAF… because I’m rereading it again this year!

Second, I want to read more books that I actually want to read and will have an interest in rather than books that are hyped up in our community… Sometimes, I’ve felt a pressure to read these new books that come out even though I know that I’ll hate them.

Third, which is a partial contradiction to my previous paragraph, I want to read and review more books.

Fourth, I want to read a minimum of 30 books this year. I still don’t know if I want to include rereads, because this year I included my Harry Potter reread but not my Six of Crows reread…

Fifth, I want to have more fun with reading. I keep making it a chore and forcing myself to finish a book because it’s good when I’m not feeling it AT ALL! ِ Explanation to come in a review that’s coming up soon.

Sixth, I will stop following made-up rules I make up for myself and just do whatever the fuck I want with my reading habits and this blog!

Thank you to all reading! Comment with what bookish resolution you’ve made this year and hope you stick to it



11 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: New Year Bookish Resolutions for 2017

    1. Yeh me too.. especially now that I’ve added a “spoiler” paragraph so that I can explore more of the things that actually happen in the book! I think it will make my reading and reviewing more rewarding. Looking forward to reading your reviews! 😉👍🏼

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      1. I like to have spoiler free and “full” reviews because sometimes it’s easier to discuss my feelings with spoiler free because they’re not all like asdhjgkslhakj, when it comes to the important stuff (spoiler bits) I can’t seem to express how I feel about it in a way that makes sense
        – Yasmin

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      2. Yeh I kinda get you because you can present the book logically and analyse the plot, writing, etc etc but I feel constricted when I can’t mention spoilers because I end up being like “yeh the plot was good but this thing that happened was like super amazing but why couldn’t something else have happened yano” and sound like an absolute idiot 😂😂 so I reserve those bits for the spoiler part which is less for people to read and more for me to just get my feelings out

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      3. Yeah, I like to include little bits of dialogue or just nice descriptions that aren’t spoilery (that’s a word now) and discuss that, I love little things in a book which aren’t really important when it comes to the plot. I’ve only recently started doing this but it’s actually somewhat fun
        I get what you mean when it comes to spoilers, it’s nice to discuss how you felt about the book and the plot as a whole
        – Yasmin

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