It’s been a year since the last episode. And three years since the last series. Three series where every episode was a cinematic masterpiece that read like a poem that takes your breath away. It was calculated, clever, and cold. Oh so bitterly cold!

Until this episode.

Every episode before this has been introduced with a case, Sherlock, and Watson. That’s how every episode has been. The middle is full of suspense and clever retorts between Sherlock and Watson. Whilst Watson’s life moves forward, we are at a standstill in Sherlock’s. It creates a secure environment where the stories and mysteries are given space to form, a sort of mind-palace for the viewers. And the ending always manages to tie in all the strings you thought were loose. “Now that you’ve explained it, it’s dead simple innit.” THAT’S HOW THE EPISODES MADE YOU FEEL, CLEVER, BECAUSE YOU UNDERSTOOD ALL THE CLUES THROUGHOUT THE EPISODE AND COULD FORM A COMPLETE PLOT FROM IT.

This episode was different. In a bad way. There is a vague red thread going throughout it but nothing that links to the previous two episodes. Sherlock had to return at once to deal with Moriarty after his little stunt. In the Christmas special we are given more evidence that Sherlock’s biggest worry is… Moriarty.

To blindside Sherlock and make it about Marie and not Moriarty is not clever, it’s not a good plot twist. Why would you string someone along promising them chocolate and then give them a carrot? Yeh a carrot is healthy but I’m a freaking adult, if I want to be healthy, if I want a carrot I would have asked for one. I came for chocolate, now give me my oneway ticket to diabetes or give me death!


The episode was hurried, there were too many things going on, it felt like they were trying to make up for these contentless three years. But the viewers, the fans, are okay with the wait as long as it’s worth it. It wasn’t, this time.

Furthermore, years passing between episodes was previously used as a plot tool. It was clever and gave meaning to our waiting. Now it just feels like it’s because the actors don’t have enough time to film it… That is another massive mistake they made that has reduced Sherlock from the brilliant and incredibly smart series that it was to another series in the sea of crime TV.

And can we talk about Sherlock’s trembling lip? What the fuck. Why has Sherlock’s character changed so much! This is not the high functioning sociopath that I have come to accept and love. He has become the character equivalent of runny mascara and it’s horrible. They’ve also reduced his deduction skills to JOKES!!! Why isn’t statistics of the human psyche or whatever not a legitimate reason to how Sherlock found Marie. Instead, they’ve made this genius just as stupid as the rest of us. If we wanted a detective that relies on trackers and not the Art Of Deduction and that whole crap we would have watched literally any other crime series.

The ending was so shit and unnecessary I don’t even have the energy to discuss it. I’m not gonna talk about What Should Not Have Happened and instead tell you how I thought the episode could have redeemed itself. When Vivian Norbury pulls out the gun she should have put it against her tongue and shoved it in her mouth and shot after saying “Miss me?” THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKING CRAZY AND TIED MORIARTY INTO THIS WHOLE MESS AND REMIND THE AUDIENCE ABOUT SHERLOCK’S MAIN ENEMY: MORIARTY.

But no. That didn’t fucking happen and therefore we are stuck with this mess that has happened and I’m not even sure I’ll finish the series… Oh well, I wasn’t really expecting a series to stay good after Steven Moffat comes near it.

I’m really sorry if you don’t agree but,



5 thoughts on “Sherlock S4E1: a review

  1. So true! This episode didn’t make me as sad as it should have, if this episode had been set up like all the previous ones I probably would’ve cried! The little case at the beginning didn’t fit in with the rest of the episode. I missed seeing Sherlock figuring things out and explaining things which made it all make sense, when he said he tracked her down with a gps tracker considering the fact that i believe that Marie is too smart to let herself to be tracked like that
    – Yasmin

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