Walking into a bookstore like:

When you just came out to have a good time but then someone attacks  your ship:

When you’re not sure who is the good character, who is the bad character, and you’re totally emotionally attached to both:

When your favourite character in a book is being attacked by everyone:

Two kinds of people:

Finishing a book series like:

When you’re halfway through a book series and there’s already been three major deaths:

Picking the next book you want to read:

Waiting for sequels to come out like:

When people say you read too much:

I remember this song playing on MTV when I was a kid:

When people ask you why you read:

For more of what I’ve read this year you can follow me on Twitter, Goodreads, and Tumblr. Make sure to check out this twitter thread of books I have read in the past year in gifs.

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