I got them!! I finally got them. The leather-bound editions of The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. I’ve been talking about getting them for the longest while and linked my mum to them because I wanted them for Christmas. I haven’t stopped talking about them since October I don’t think…

Because of Bookdepository’s slow shipping (my mum ordered them 20/12) they didn’t arrive for Christmas. And I had to go back to uni 1/1 so I wasn’t there when they finally arrived! But now I’m back home for a few days and my mum gave them to me. I’m well excited. I have to say though, they’re incredibly small. They kind of remind me of small bibles that you can find in church pews you know? Where the writing is incredibly small. Nevertheless! I’m going to re-read them soon in these editions because they have some great art in them.

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