Okay, so yesterday I went to see The Weeknd in Stockholm and it was fucking lit y’all! Lil Uzi Vert opened for him and he got the venue going, he was jumping into the crowd and like climbed all the way up the tiers and stuff. It was crazy… When he sang Bad & Boujee the ceiling flew off honestly.

We got there pretty late and got tickets last minute BUT STILL MANAGED TO END UP FRONT ROW. It was general admission and we just found these two girls sitting by the railing and we were thinking that a person sitting down takes more place than standing up so there would be space for us. And that’s exactly what happened. But our side of the stage was a bit mellow, everyone was smoking weed and drinking… It was okay except the drunks behind me. The other side went OFF and The Weeknd kept going to them or standing in front of us and singing to the other side. I can’t blame him but man I jammed so hard and my sister might have broken her arm. She’s going to the ER soon… It was so crazy.

The most crazy songs were Six Feet Under (my favourite) and the encore when he played Can’t Feel My Face… Sidewalks was also crazy, and we all started jumping, it was pretty crazy. These guys were also holding up the Ethiopian Flag on the other side but I don’t think he saw it because he didn’t seem to acknowledge it.


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