My first encounter with Neil Gaiman was three years ago in the corner of my favourite library. He was battered and called “American Gods”, almost read to shreds. I don’t know if it was the name or the cover, but I was instantly drawn to the book. Few weeks go by, I’m half-way through the book, and I get accepted to medical school. All my books get shoved into boxes and the rest have to be returned to the library.

My second encounter with Neil Gaiman was at an expensive book store in the city with my sister. You see, when I was born my mother worked two jobs and studied for her second degree at night. My sisters are used to get books delivered, if they even feel like reading, or making someone get it for them. When my sister had to get a copy of Coraline for her summer reading we headed into the city and got it. Having read the bizarre content of American Gods I was surprised to see that this children’s book was penned by the same person.

My third encounter with Neil Gaiman is right now. To force myself to actually finish one of his books I’m going to blog my way through his new collection of norse folktales.



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