Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman starts with a short chapter where it presents the three players: Odin, Thor, and Floki.

Here we learn about what their powers are and how they acquired them. Odin hung from a tree, Yggdrasil, for nine days and nine nights for his precious runes to be revealed to him. Floki, Odin’s half brother and NOT Thor’s as advertised by the Marvel series, has winged shoes and is the son of a giant. Odin and Floki’s mother is Nal, or needle, for her slim and sharp shape. Whilst Floki is said to have many monster offspring that will fight with him against the gods when Ragnarök finally comes, Odin has one son. Thor is the strongest god of them all with iron gloves to grasp his war hammer, Mjölnir. Around his waist he has Megingjor that is said to double Thor’s strength.

All in all, it is a good start. Although not all things were mentioned some things were hinted to be explored further on. I’m excited for the stories to begin!


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