I actually haven’t read that many books about Islam or that have Muslim characters in them. I’ve read a few but it has always been coincidences… I mean, how many of you guys look for books centred around your religious belief? And in most cases, YA fantasy novels are void of real life religions.

But there are some books I’ve ordered that I’m really interested in getting into.

God In Pink by Hasan Namir:

Set in a war torn Iraq, it chronicles the story of Ramy who has come to the realisation that he’s gay and the sheikh Ammar. It will be interesting to read this Own Voice novel set in my parent’s home country. 

The Study Quran by Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Caner K. Dagli, Maria Massi Dakake, Joseph E.B. Lumbard, Mohammed Rustom:

The Harper Collins blurb reads as follow: “Drawn from a wide range of traditional Islamic commentaries, including Sunni and Shia sources, and from legal, theological, and mystical texts, The Study Quran conveys the enduring spiritual power of the Quran and offers a thorough scholarly understanding of this holy text.”

Cannot wait to read this because it offers a variability of analyses of Quranic verses!

“Believing Women” in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur’an by Asma Barlas:

The Goodreads synopsis: “Does Islam call for the oppression of women? Non-Muslims point to the subjugation of women that occurs in many Muslim countries, especially those that claim to be “Islamic,” while many Muslims read the Qur’an in ways that seem to justify sexual oppression, inequality, and patriarchy. Taking a wholly different view, Asma Barlas develops a believer’s reading of the Qur’an that demonstrates the radically egalitarian and antipatriarchal nature of its teachings.”

Can’t wait to get my hands on this, so happy to find texts by Muslim women!

The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie:

I mean who hasn’t heard about this 80’s controversial book. Although the author claims it’s not about Islam, many find clear parallels between the main character and the Prophet Muhammad. Although this goes against everything I believe in, it’s important to read from “the other side”. If you do not debate your beliefs, how can you be sure of them?

Alright, so these are the books on my current theological TBR. Soon I’ll also share a non-fiction TBR which will be considerably longer!


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