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Eid is a three day celebration marking the end of the month of Ramadan. We begin our preparations well in advance for it. The days before we make sure to buy new clothes, or find clean and nice clothes, to wear on the day of Eid. My mum went even as far as buying new pyjamas and underwear for us to put on the night before Eid. Depending on what culture you are in you prepare different clothes; my Kurdish cousins wear their classical garb and most Iraqies just wear something nice (we don’t have any traditional clothes). Another important aspect is the “Eid cleaning” which is like a spring cleaning.

Parents and older muslims make sure the food and desserts are ready by baking the “kleicha” (traditional in Iraq) or other national pastries. Some also slaughter whole sheep to prepare for the family and another to give to the poor.


The most important part of Eid is to wake up and go to the Eid prayer at the Mosque. Either you go early in the morning and have breakfast afterwards or you have breakfast with your family and go to the Eid prayer and have lunch afterwards. The prayer precedes the midday prayers that are usually prayed after a short intermission.


Since it’s a celebration it is tradition to carry out traditional celebratory practices depending on where you live. In south Asia it is custom to go between houses and wish people a happy celebration, in Europe we usually just gather someplace together, either a restaurant or someone’s house. We serve the food we have prepared and give presents to the kids, usually money. It’s like Bar Mitzvah money but way less and annually.

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